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                 So, you've received a new chip credit card.  So what?

  • For the Cardholder - Magnetic stripe cards (the U.S. standard since 1972) are being replaced.  Europay Master Card Visa (EMV) chip cards are more secure because they send a unique encrypted code to the issuing banks every time the card is presented at a store, whereas magnetic stripe cards send the same info every time.
  • For the Merchant - Liability shift.  In October, if a merchant accepts a chip card but processes it as a magnetic stripe, it was  processed with older less secure technology.  If the card is later found to be fraudulent, the merchant will automatically lose the chargeback. 
  1. Apple iPay - what is that?  Credit cards are stored on an iPhone or Droid phone and the customer waves their device past a receiver that picks up the info and completes the sale. 
  2. Near Field Communications (NFC) contactless credit cards - what are they?  These cards have a tiny antenna embedded in the card that broadcasts the info to a receiver which completes the sale.  These cards use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to transmit information. 
  3. Merchants need the equipment to process the above cards.  We will custom design a solution within your budget, with FREE equipment available. 

We are active members and ambassadors with the BBB of Central East Texas, with whom we maintain an A+ Rating. 

For a custom designed solution today,

Call Regional Manager Don Esch at 903-291-0888.

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