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We are a 16-page, full four color, high resolution magazine that mails via the USPS into 10,000 medium to upper income homes in Longview every 2 months.  

The magazine is very family friendly, and features high resolution photos and descriptions of upcoming PG and PG-13 movies from the major Hollywood movie studios.  

We feature a FREE double-sided poster in the middle of the magazine the kids can tear at at the perforation and hang up in their rooms.

We have coupons offering discounts from restaurants as well as other non-food businesses that we all need in our every day lives.  

We are category-exclusive with our ads so that businesses don't have to fund their competition with their marketing and advertising dollars.  

Each issue will also be available online at no additional charge to get even more response for our local advertisers.

If you are interested in more information, email us at, or call 903-424-8327.

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